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  • Terms and Conditions

Please read our following Terms and Conditions carefully before accepting them. Sevenoaks Taxis reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.

  1. Prices are based on travellers being prepared to travel at the booked time.

  2. All tariffs quoted are for point to point and via the shortest itinerary. Any diversions, extra mileage or stopovers will be charged at extra rates.

  3. Cash fares are paid to the taxi driver in British Pound Sterling (£) either before or end of the journey.

  4. Cancellations must be informed at least one hour prior to the time/date of booking by phoning the office telephone number.

  5. Cancellations made by passengers once the driver has departed may be charged a cancellation fee of upto 100% of the quoted price.

  6. Our saloon and estate cars are insured for hire and legally allowed to transport a maximum of 4 passengers only. Our MPVs are insured for maximum of 6 Passengers only. Additional passengers will not be allowed beyond the capacity of a car.

  7. We keep the right to deny providing the services if passenger’s luggage is massively in excess and deemed insecure for the vehicle/vehicles requested. Passenger should make sure the right vehicle/ vehicles have been requested.

  8. Usually passengers are in charge to load and unload their belongings and we will not accept liability for loss or harm to the luggage/s. Our drivers will propose a hand of assistance in many cases with your luggage at the passenger’s decision.

  9. Any fouling of the taxi/private hire vehicle by any passenger will consequence in a charge of a minimum of £100.00, relying upon the severity of the fouling.

  10. Sevenoaks taxis will accuse any person who causes harm to any taxi/private hire vehicle booked through us.

  11. There are seasonal additional surcharges on our prices on certain dates only. These are 24th - 26th of December & 31st of December & 1st of January of every year.

  12. All payments need to be made in cash or credit/debit card.

  13. Customer is to make sure they have enough cash to cover the journey as any excessive diversions to find cash points during a busy drop off schedule may incur additional charges.

  14. Customer will make sure our driver is not kept waiting any more than 10 minutes whilst they get ready to come to the vehicle . Any extra waiting time will be charged at waiting rate.

  15. Sevenoaks Taxis will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission or are required by law to do so.

  16. Customers are legally entitled to request details of the personal information which the company hold about them, under the UK's Data Protection Act 1998.

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